Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

The heart of harness racing.

Our Vision

Bringing industry people together
To lead the way
For the love of our horses
Our people
The Industry

Our Values

Delivering uncompromising INTEGRITY
Displaying excellence in LEADERSHIP
Remaining PROFESSIONAL in all situations
Working in PARTNERSHIP with all industry participants
Progressing with INNOVATION

Our Mission Statement

  • Establishing a strong inclusive membership base.
  • Delivering respected representation and views from VHRC owners and members.
  • Providing special benefits to VHRC owners, trainers and social club members.
  • Ehancing the VHRC members experience at harness racing social events.
  • Acknowledging and celebrating our VHRC members contribution and achievements.
  • Ongoing commitment to the care of our horses.

Our Goals

Increasing Our membership base to 5000 members by 2023
Establishing Online membership registration & a members only portal
Delivering 26 Super Bonus Race meetings offering up to $520,000 in prize money
Developing The VHRC Members Bar @ Tabcorp Park
Promoting Social Events exclusive to VHRC Members
Engaging Corporate Sponsorship
Producing Video Profiles of VHRC Members
Caring for retired horses through the Hero Program
Responding to Feedback from the VHRC Member Survey