Breeders Crown Finals - Winning Owners

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Sun 22 Nov 2020, 7:30 pm

Congratulations to the following owners for their success on Breeders Crown night 2020

Hurricane Harley Owner(s): Lauriston Bloodstock Pty Ltd 

Cover of Darkness Owner(s): TSR Racing Group, B J Prentice, S J Murray, A C Shelly, S J Watt

Im Ready Jet Owner(s): Yabby Dam Farms Pty Ltd

Whats Up Majestic Owner(s): B J (Bradley) Watts

Major Moth Owner(s): L A Parker, I Parker

The Pantheist Owner(s): G E Pell, J A Pell

Zeuss Bromac Owner(s): L A Philpott, Bromac Lodge Ltd, Slingsby Holdings Pty Ltd, D L Hardie, S E Welch

Ladies In Red Owner(s): Lauriston Bloodstock Pty Ltd

Sangreal Owner(s): M A Caldow, D J Hall, V J Hall, A R Spalding, C Spalding

No Win No Feed Owner(s): A J Sinclair, J Madruga, T Siskouski