VHRC Caduceus Social Events

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Sun 15 Nov 2020, 6:00 pm

The VHRC are very honoured to be partnered by the Caduceus Club. The VHRC 'Caduceus' will become the social arm of our united club into the future. The long history of both clubs have been created by the commitment and contribution of so many wonderful people. The VHRC wish to acknowledge and recognise the contribution of Ted Webster and his long standing committee and members of the Caduceus Club. The VHRC will be working closely in partnership with the former Caduceus Club members to uphold the traditions of the Club and by honouring the recognition of life members and Caduceus Club Legends award recipients. We look forward to announcing soon the VHRC Caduceus 2021 events calendar and hope that you will join us to many of these social events.