About the Club

The Victorian Harness Racing Club (VHRC) ‘The Heart of Harness Racing’ welcomes you to this new era for our prestigious club, first established in 1956. Our club belongs to the people of the Victorian Harness Racing industry and our culture is built on the love for our horses, our people and our industry. 

Harness Racing Victoria (HRV) supports our vision to grow the VHRC membership base consisting of owners, trainers, breeders and followers of harness racing. Our aim is to bring all participants together and become a strong united club to grow our industry into the future. By becoming a VHRC member not only will you contribute towards the growth of our club but also the Victorian Harness Racing industry. Our sustainable future is in your hands and we hope you will support us by purchasing a membership.

Our initiatives include increased VHRC bonus races, the planning development of the dedicated VHRC Members bar at Melton and this exciting new VHRC member/owner website. A regular feature on our new website is going to be the inclusion of member/owner profile and tribute videos. We are delighted to share this first owner profile video on John Yeomans, one of the great contributors of our industry.

We are committed to providing recognition to owners, members and trainers that make our club so great and look forward to growing our initiatives with our members throughout the year. 

Corporate Structure Strategic Plan