Super Bonus Race Eligibility Criteria

VHRC-APG- APTS Super Bonus Race Scheme Conditions
For your horse to be eligible to win the VHRC-APG- APTS Super Bonus Races, the following conditions apply:

  • To be eligible for the $1500 VHRC Owners' Cash Bonus, $1,000 APG-APTS voucher and $500 sales sustaining fee discount voucher, the winning horse must be paid up for horse membership with VHRC for season 2020/21.

  • $500 VHRC Trainers Cash Bonuses – for trainers to be eligible for these additional cash bonuses on the Super Bonus races then they need to be paid up Trainer Members with VHRC.

  • For Horse Membership – once membership is paid up for a horse then all owners listed under that horse automatically become VHRC Owners Members for season 2020/21.

  • To be eligible for bonuses horses and trainers must be paid up at least one hour prior to the first race of a Super Bonus race meeting.
  • Payment of the Owners' $1,500 Cash Bonus will be paid direct to the winning owners via EFT from the Victorian Harness Racing Club, after Harness Racing Victoria has cleared swabs. A form will be sent to the managing owner (ie first named owner of the partnership) to enable them to complete the ownership group’s bank details and forward to VHRC. The $500 Trainer bonuses will be paid via EFT from the Victorian Harness Racing Club. The APG-APTS $1,000 voucher and the $500 sales sustaining fee discount will be provided to the managing owner of the winning horse.

  • To be eligible for the VHRC bonus a horse must be registered annually with the VHRC for the current membership season. The current registered managing owner or lessee as registered by Harness Racing Victoria will be paid the VHRC bonus at the time of the win.

    Please note - (1) The APG-APTS Vouchers must be used by an owner from within the winning ownership group and is unable to be transferred to someone to use from outside that group. (2) In situations where a dead heat occurs and if both the winning horses are eligible, the $1500 bonus will be equally divided. The APG-APTS vouchers would also be divided if there was a dead heat. (3) The VHRC has the right to alter the bonus race dates where re-scheduling is unavoidable but we will advise Members accordingly if this did occur.


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